Available Now

What is available as of 10/30/16

Eggs; Pasture Raised, Fed Milk no soy, Fermented GMO free Grain, fermented vegetables in winter when no pasture. $4/doz


Grassfed Beef: contact farm have beef available through custom butcher for orders of 40lbs or more

Prime animals     $5.17/lb for 1/8   approximately 40lbs

Available July through January

$5.12/lb for 1/4

$5.06/lb for 1/2

$4.95/lb for 3/4 or more


Pasture Raised Milk Fed Pork:

Available right now by the cut or 40lbs or more from my custom butcher

$5.57/lb for 1/4 approximately 40lbs

$5.51/lb for 1/2

$5.40/lb for 3/4 or more

Pasture Fed Goose (grown on grass with very little whole oats):

Available 2 processed geese not sold yet as of 10/30/16

Processed  $45/bird

Live birds $35 each for birds under 1 year old.

$50 each for sexed adult birds proven as breeders

Pasture Raised Chicken
contact farm to get on waiting list

Available July and September

Processed $4.75/lb 4-5lbs weight


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