Grassfed Beef

Our steers feed on healthy pasture with some organic mineral supplements to meet all nutritional requirements.  They aren’t fed grain, and they are free to roam the pasture accept for in the worst of winter weather.

I have been involved in finishing cattle on pasture since I was 4 years old having to check on the steers each day in the months leading up to harvest.  I would not say that finishing animals on pasture is brain surgery or rocket science, in fact its quite simple really one need only just do everything right ;).

The right things at the right time can be very different with different weather and different animals, but with my experience I can confidently say that you’ll find my beef quite good.  Some of the best you’ve ever ate.  The flavor is much enhanced by the variety of forage the cattle eat.  Grainfed beef is bland by comparison.  Also due to my experience with pasturing and cattle the beef is just as marbled as grainfed.

The animals start to finishing on pasture the end of June and continue through Nov. so beef is available July through January roughly.  We sell our beef in bulk portions, by the 1/8 or any combination of eighths 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, whole, so forth.  Contact us for more info and pricing.