Learn Ox Driving


I enjoy introducing folks to oxen in winter 12/15 to 4/15, Sunday through Wednesday are open to schedule you.

I teach oxen training and driving as if they are the same skill, which I believe they are. I look at understanding association time, applying and releasing pressure, and flight zone in the context of ox driving that understands the animal’s social needs and meets them as the reward in the training process.  The skills the student needs to learn are emotional intelligence, observation skills, and good timing with any action while driving honing physical and mental coordination.

Topics that can be covered; various tasks and equipment used for ox driving,  feeding out cattle to make good oxen, how to buy calves, care of oxen, what present day farming situations really fit well with oxen and what training the animal needs in those situation. 

Lessons are all guided by exploring your interest in oxen to see where it leads such as homesteading, farming, historical demonstration, events like parades or weddings, or something family, friends, or youth groups can do together.

Lessons-2 or more days of instruction at $75/day for each person, 10% off each if more than one student with a Max of 3 students.   Scheduled between 12/15 and 4/15 Sunday through Wednesday. Instruction for at least 1 hour/day and 1-5 hours of doing a task with the oxen to practice what is covered in the lesson.  What will be covered planned and discussed with you before you come.

Accommodations: room in my home, help with meals and clean up, mostly food from the farm.  For room and board individual will take responsibility for routine tasks that are easy to show a person who is here for a short stay, about an hour’s work/day, and gifts to me of home grow produce are encouraged, like winter squash, potatoes, home made bread, preserves so forth.  Anything other than meat.

Setting up one on one custom ox driving lessons: In order to set up multiply visits over the winter and still customize them communication needs to be efficient.  Read the following steps completely and do them exactly and add nothing else.

Step one: Each student writes me a letter/email containing the following.

A paragraph about your experience level with animal training/care, motive for wanting to do lessons, and your attitude/personality/preferences with regard to how you learn best.

A paragraph about where you are at now with oxen and what is the next step you want to take with them by taking lessons.

A paragraph about anything else you feel would help or needs to be covered to set up the lesson.

Step two: We talk on the phone to work out any details to set up the lessons and I’ll ask any follow up questions needed to plan you lessons, then you are all set to come for the lessons.

Contact info for setting up lessons.