Spring Meadows Farm is…

Local. All of our products come from our complete farm ecosystem and are sold directly to our friends and neighbors in the local community. We sell at the Mansfield Grower’s Market, Fridays 3-6pm, and the Elmira area, and right here at the farm. We further contribute to our community by participating in local food availability assistance programs like WICC, FMNP, Food Stamps, Senior Farmer Market Checks, and donating to food banks.

Traditional. Everything we do here is rooted in the on-going legacy of hill farming in the northeast. Whether it’s using oxen to plow a field, pasturing cattle on the hill side and seasonally wet meadows, keeping forest on steep slopes, or growing small plots of a variety of crops in the bottom land, we believe in the enduring wisdom of those that came before.

Innovative. Building on these traditions and employing modern techniques we are able to create a planned ecosystem that produces outstanding quality products like chemical-free vegetables, 100% Grass-fed beef, and pasture raised pork and eggs.

Educational We offer a variety of events and individual lessons throughout the year both on the farm and at other festivals and fairs.