Summer Newsletter


Hello I have been caught up in construction over this growing season so no vegetables growing other than onions.  I plan on having veggies by next year though.  This is an interesting a challenging phase for the farm and my life as I am not so much figuring out what to do but making many changes, but this pause in production is needed so that I can grow.

Also I’ve a couple of events going on.

One, I’ll be at the Heritage Festival at the Troy Fair Grounds the third weekend in September with a pair of calves to demonstrate training them to be oxen as well as letting folks give a try at driving them themselves.

Also I am doing an event Oct. 20th at the farm here with PASA Grower Education

Below is the details from PASA’s site.

Andy Lyon, of Spring Meadows Farm in Bradford county, will be hosting the second installment of a PASA Field Day called Happy Animals Work for a Living II.  This full day event will cover how pastured livestock can be used to improve the land through their daily interaction while they grow and produce products on pasture. Andy will lead the participants through his farm to see his pasturing systems for American Buff geese and Idaho Pastured pigs as well as how he uses a hen wagon with his calves. All of Andy’s methods are a way to reduce his labor inputs while improving his pastures. These methods could be used by a homesteader or a diverse grass based farm. Andy will also demonstrate how to use oxen as working animals and participants will get a chance to test drive the team! Andy is welcoming participants to stick around after the day as well to get a little more practice and to ask additional questions about the oxen team if need be.

*A catered lunch made from seasonal ingredients from Andy’s farm is included in the price of registration.

More about Andy Lyon: Andy Lyon grew up in North Central Pennsylvania where the farming traditions were passed on from Yankee settlers and where oxen teams working in the fields were a typical sight. Andy described how, when he was a boy, all the older neighbors shared stories about farming with oxen. Although Andy’s father learned to train a team when he was just four years old, as farm equipment modernized, he traded in the oxen team for a tractor.  

Andy also grew up farming with modern equipment, but began looking honestly at what having money tied up in a tractor was costing him. He explained how, at the age of 31, he decided to “get back to the tradition of my Yankee heritage and took to working two teams of oxen on my pasture-based farm.”

Today – Andy is working to create a healthy ecosystem at Spring Meadows Farm. In return, the farm business benefits from less investment in heavy equipment, freedom from oil prices, enhanced animal and plant health and increased profit…producing more quality food to fuel a farmer and making farming full-time possible. Spring Meadows Farm now markets grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, garlic, vegetables and pork. Milk cows supply most of the protein for the hens and hogs, and much of the grass-fed fat in the farmers’ diets. 

Andy is looking forward to hosting his second PASA Field Day and demonstrating how things have changed and improved since we last visited with him in 2012.

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