Markets – This spring I’ll be at Mansfield Growers Market starting Friday May 8th and also Wellsboro Growers Market starting Thur. June 25th.   Though I will not be at any market 3rd full week of May and again the 3rd week of June as I take these weeks to catch up on various garden and livestock jobs so I am more prepared for the markets at the height of summer.

Pastured Livestock – Been busy with young animals as is usual for spring, have calves from my cattle all born and am brooding 70 future laying hens so I can double the size of my laying flock.  Also the geese are starting to set on their eggs and I have two sows who are going to have little ones.  So I should have plenty of variety of meats available this year.

Garden-I am putting in a new set of beds near my new barn for growing for the summer markets, then the old garden area I plan on growing storage vegetables that I can sell in the fall as well as at the Corning Winter Market.

Construction- Still doing plenty.  Mostly now working on shelter and pasture for my young animal, then I plan on getting on to subdividing some pastures that till now I’ll divided with temporary fences.

Still have plenty of spinach and lettuce available as well as eggs.    Order ahead to pick them up there at the farm or at Live Well Upstate at Wed. 6:30pm or 8pm.

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