Newsletter 6/17

Hello everyone, I am still getting use to using this method of being in contact with you.

With the farm I am still working on trees that needed removed. Have them cut now dragging them to where I can get to them dispose of them for lumber or firewood.

Next on my lists of projects is animal shelters. As my thing this year is I have gotten so there are so many things where if I just had this or that it would be easier. In fact its a dozen lists of projects that need worked on.

This is cutting down on my having time this year to grow vegetables but also I can get these projects down so I can grow more for you.

Kale and Chard coming, will be a small harvest of them though for the next few weeks as they are still small.

Eggs are available too.

Hope to get links set up soon so you can access more farm info. on my web pages.


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