Tree Planting and other news

Interested In Planting trees Sunday 4/21?  I have a creek side area where I am going to plant 300 plus trees if you want to join in let me know.


Could also use a hand with transplanting vegetables 4/18 Thursday and 4/19 Friday.


I’ll feed you if you like and send you home with some yogurt and eggs.  Drop me a line if you are interested.


How my “Real Easter Week” went -I moved the American Buff Geese to the farm.  To do this I had to take them off of nests that they were setting on.  They stopped laying and now have not started to lay as they are getting use to their new home…could be I’ll not get any eggs hatched from them till next spring.  Still I am happy to have them, they are excellent birds.  Hoping to show them at the Farm Show next winter.  Till then they’ll help mow the grass and cover crops in the garden then take over chicken guarding when the calves get too big.  They are getting just an enough grass that they do not need the dried bean and kale plants I have for them and the calves.


The incubator hatched 13 of 31 eggs, even though only 3 eggs did not develop a chick to some degree.  From what I could troubleshoot seems the heat could of been 1/2 a degree higher and slightly less humidity.  Every individual incubator is different so takes a few batches to get a good hatch…I did plan ahead and ordered 15 chicks so the total I’m brooding is 28.


Plowing- Doing allot of plowing and composting this week and some planting.  Get to see how hard the oxen are from moving round bales and firewood all winter.

They were plowing 1/10 acre an hour yesterday.  I have not even seen them today.


(need to get my camera fixed so you can see some of what is going on)


CSA Officially ready to start signing folks up.  Drop me a line if you are interested, spring will come believe it or not.  Looks like the CSA would start mid May?


Grassfed Beef with the folks who bought meat last year and new names who are interested looks like 5 more for the beef and I’ll have to stop taking names.


So let me know, I don’t hold anyone to anything, just call you as I get to you on the list and see if its a good time for you to stock up on some of the best meat you’ll ever eat.


I’ve been making corned beef lately, very good stuff.  Sea Salt the meat on both sides and coat with whatever spices/herbs you like, layer in dish(or 55 gal. beef barrel!) cover with water add 1 Tbsp. salt and 1/4 cup of lacto fermented juice/quart of water.  Sauerkraut Juice or Whey from yogurt work well, I like juice from my fermented garlic best!  Let sit 2-3 days.  Then I dry in oven at very low setting or rinse off and use right away for an amazing pot roast.


The end of the month I am going to a meat processing course, I’m especially interested in more specialty products like corn beef.  But also just to be able to work with my butcher and customers even better.


Beef is ready July and August.  When I was a kid we butchered all the steers on Thanksgiving day after they had gleaned all the corn from the stubble from harvesting.  Now I butcher right after May and June when the grass is growing so fast that it’s easy for the large steers to finish and they get rid all the rampant spring growth.  Then by harvesting them mid summer it cuts the pounds of live cattle in half just as the weather gets dry slowing pasture growth.

Over Winter Greens Well it got hot so quick that I am not thinking it wise to put covers on the cold hardy greens, they’re growing.  Its a matter of weeks at this point. Mache/Corn Salad looks best, the spinach and watercress are lagging.


Corning Winter Market Looks like I will be doing one more Market in Corning as these greens come in.  Also might be able to do one of the indoor April markets at Mansfield.  I paid for the Corning Market vendor fee already so I’m tied into going there first.  Over the fall and winter I was able to sell everything that I had in storage with these extended markets.  So this summer and fall I’ll have this in mind when planting and making more use of season extension methods.  Been good to have everyone supporting the markets and a pleasure to make good eating more available too.

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