Heritage Festival!

Last weekend, Andy loaded up young oxen Spot and Dusty, and headed over to the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival in Troy.  He’s been teaching the young members of his ox club how to drive oxen all year, and this was their official debut.  The kids took turns showing other kids and adults at the festival how to drive, and they even got to come into the fence and try it themselves if they wanted.

Saturday started out a little slow, but when people began to realize that the oxen demonstration was also interactive, small crowds started to build up around the fence. Chris, Eric, and Dylan did a great job teaching, and we got to talk to lots of people about the farm and what we’re doing out here.  Denise Delosa came early on Saturday and helped us set up, and she also cooked us a wonderful lunch to eat while we were working.  Mr. and Mrs. Hill came on Sunday and helped Andy break everything down.

Thanks for all the help and hard work that went into a successful weekend, and congratulations to Chris, Eric, and Dylan!

Chris teaching a festival attendee how to drive

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